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Yay OS X Yosemite via Instagram

Coming November 1! via Instagram

It’s been a while since I stepped into the park via Instagram

It’s been a while. I finished my End of Year Exams yesterday, and continued working on this track that I’ve kept aside since the September Holidays. My brother has collaborated with me on this one. The intro and outdo were by him, while I did my usual buildup and melody. If the melody sounds very bassy, it’s due to my lack of experience with reverb (it’s my first time using it). Though I’ve gotten the beats right, the baselines are just too much.

P.S. If you’re wondering why his name is like that, the first letters are his initials, and I created the name for him.

"For a limited time only" via Instagram

Hope this works out well… via Instagram

Beautiful sunset during cycling trip with family for dinner at Bukit Batok via Instagram

Physics SPA practice a few hours ago on converging lenses. via Instagram



So was it wrong to design Captain America in the colors of the flag?

Thank you Ee Ee w and her colleague for getting this Nike Brazil drawstring bag, I did not actually know about it until my bro told me via Instagram

This is my entry for the SST School Song Video Challenge.

Yay Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 earphones this marks the end of my mum telling me to get a pair before school starts (she doesn’t want me to use my headphones cos they’re too big) via Instagram

Done another - a model of Aile Strike Gundam (and painted with neon-coloured markers) via Instagram

Yay this took a while but here’s my hard work - a 1/100 scale model of Saviour Gundam as my bro’s birthday present via Instagram

River Safari. Not sure whether it’ll be fun or not. via Instagram