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So was it wrong to design Captain America in the colors of the flag?

Thank you Ee Ee w and her colleague for getting this Nike Brazil drawstring bag, I did not actually know about it until my bro told me via Instagram

This is my entry for the SST School Song Video Challenge.

Yay Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 earphones this marks the end of my mum telling me to get a pair before school starts (she doesn’t want me to use my headphones cos they’re too big) via Instagram

Done another - a model of Aile Strike Gundam (and painted with neon-coloured markers) via Instagram

Yay this took a while but here’s my hard work - a 1/100 scale model of Saviour Gundam as my bro’s birthday present via Instagram

River Safari. Not sure whether it’ll be fun or not. via Instagram

Something I haven’t tried before - Electro House, but still in the Hydratik flavour (where songs reach the drop without too much buildup). Hope you guys like it :)

Finally realized today was Friday the 13th via Instagram

Thank you mum :D for taking the effort to find this new pair of #Mercurial shoes even though there was almost no stock. via Instagram

Part 2 of the cycling trip. Not too bad for such a hot day. via Instagram

Summary of today’s cycling trip via Instagram



Chinese iOS and Android camera app has a unique ‘defog’ feature to improve shots taken in poor air conditions.

Everyone should be getting this

(via buzz)

Here it is - Gateway 19, my thrid single from The One

So this here is a song created as a result of my love for music, particularly Electronic Dance Music, so Lightning can be described as my first try at it. Do give me feedback, you’re welcome to give more ideas as well :D