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Here it is - Gateway 19, my thrid single from The One

So this here is a song created as a result of my love for music, particularly Electronic Dance Music, so Lightning can be described as my first try at it. Do give me feedback, you’re welcome to give more ideas as well :D

Watch the premiere of Tinie Tempah’s documentary film #DiscoveringDestiny directed by Jabari Johnson

‘Marry Me’ by Jason Derülo
Fell in love with it the moment I heard it on radio…

‘After the Fall’ by Kodaline
Kodaline is one of the best bands out there, and it can compete wih the likes of Coldplay. #awesome #mindblown

The video as I promised. This is a short overview of the deluxe room, with brief looks at the controls in the room.

My 1-day stay in Parkroyal @ Pickering Street, Singapore

Honestly, it is a totally different experience compared to other hotels. The whole structure is amazing and it is really high tech. I will be uploading a video soon.

This is what I’m feeling now…

Today was really… I lost $10 to some scammer who pressurized me into giving notes for her “charity”. Then the polyclinic was full and the staff… just incorrigible. How now? I’ve got a chest injury since  yesterday waiting to be diagnosed. I have to go to the more expensive clinic instead. Never mind, I’ll make sure something is done about it…

#Respect :D

#Respect :D

Today, I got several of my mid-year results. Depressingly, I got 59.25% (overall) for English, a subject I had been doing well in since Primary School. Even my PSLE score showed I got A* for EL. But then again, am I gonna be a reporter to use those summary skills? Am I going to be an architect who uses trigonometry to craft buildings? NO. My passions are soccer, music, videography, just about everything, but no, I will work harder, better, faster ,stronger to achieve my goals. :)

So recently, I’ve been researching on Gundam for no apparent reason. As I went on researching, I realised how much I regret buying the Susanowo and 00 Qan[T] instead of buying the Exia Seven Swords and Throne Eins. This was three years ago in Japan. Today, I decided that I’m gonna find these somehow, and I don’t care how I do it, I’m gotta catch’em all! :D



Lol Ultimate Troll! :D